Its T time... Of course!

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Just a page of Mad T Party photos that I take when I am at T. Hope you all enjoy them.
I use a Canon Rebel T3i to take photos.

Oh also I might take request on some T shots people want. So if there is a specific shot you'd like me to try and get or just a character in the band you want to see more photos of just inbox me and ill see what I can do.
Look at these cuties!!

Note that this page does not answer messages regarding performers. And by that I mean I will not answer things such as ‘does this dormouse have social media?’ ‘you know the real names of the mad hatters’ Yes I know they are open about who they are and when they perform have the time. But I dont feel comfortable still with giving out info even just their names and such to people. 

I may start actually tagging with nicknames. But I’d use more of my own than what the fandom uses once I rethink of what I had refered to them as.

Anonymous sent: Who are your favorite T performers?

Everyone? I mean lets be honest we all have our favorites we go to see for shows like T. And if you can’t just guess who mine are you havent been paying attention to who I post the most photos of. Cause lets be real I post certain people more than others. And even though I have my favorite favorite people I do like pretty much everyone.

Alice was a couple inches away from his face so he just leaned in and stole a kiss before walking off to do his solo.
unedited crappy photos but Alice hair was really pretty tonight and has some nice curls to it.
Three two one JUMP!
Please don’t wake me now